Guitar Lesson -- Understanding Keys Part 2

There are different types of minor scales, the first of of which comes from the 6th tone of a major scale:

2. “I'm teaching you guitar with a generic approach that I use for everyone. It might work… it might not work. I don't really know for sure.” One of the most common ways that guitar teachers hide their lack of knowledge and experience is to use a generalized approach for everyone they teach. Almost every time I start training a guitar teacher, they ask me: “Tom, do you know any kind of methods I can use in my guitar teaching so I don't have to worry about what I should teach my students every week?” The truth is, with the exception of total ‘beginners', your guitar teacher MUST use a specific teaching strategy for each of his students (including you) in order to help them effectively improve and reach their goals.

In the meantime, develop good study and practicing habits. This is one of the hardest things to do. Many of us view practicing in the same manner as if we are on the way to our execution. We don't always feel like it.

Given the improvements of the web and technology and the increasing speed of the typical internet service connection it is now more feasible than ever to learn guitar online. Using online guitar instruction has become ever more prevalent as these improvements are taking place. In truth, increasingly more resources in the region of online guitar lessons are always being added to the net. Some resources are paid and many are free of charge. One thing is for sure though. Gone are the times when your only choice was to pay an instructor forty dollars an hour to teach you how to play guitar. That is of course still an option but there are far superior methods to guitar learning these days.

All these techniques will help you greatly in your soloing and improvisation. You have to practice them so much that they become your second nature - you just play them automatically without conscious thinking. Then you will be able to play licks as you hear them. Learning to play by ear is an indispensable quality of a good lead guitarist. So, practice with discipline to become more confident and a better blues player.

4. The Instructor: ideally should have experience as recording studio musician as well as touring with a band. A college degree in education and lots of hands-on teaching experience are equally important.